Volunteering for the GCT Foundation is not only fun; it's rewarding.

The GCT Foundation is pleased to announce we are currently accepting applications for the following positions:

Advisory Board Participant (meeting 2x year to discuss foundation needs)
Silent Auction Chairperson (meeting 5x year for events)
Media Support (as needed - press releases, phone calls, appointments for events)
Ticket Sales (as needed for events)
Event Coordination Assistance (as needed for events)

Have you ever coordinated a walk? WE NEED YOUR HELP!
Have you ever coordinated a symposium? WE NEED YOUR HELP!

Be a part of helping us find federal funding and taking this foundation to the next level to change the future for ovarian cancer survivors.

We welcome your perspective and background. You can volunteer from any where in the world!

>Find application here for printing. Download Microsoft Word document Zip file here.

Granulosa Cell Tumor of the Ovary Foundation
P.O.Box 722440, San Diego CA 92172-2440